In the past eight months Team Powell has been through numerous changes. Honestly, we still feel the weight of leaving our home in the Dominican Republic. As spring unfolds after a long winter of snow, we are still processing the move stateside, parenting two little ones, and the shift in ministry. Through all the mess, Curt is enjoying working for Young Life and I’m trying to soak up precious, busy days with the girls because they are growing so fast.

Here’s a look at the past few months in pictures:

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We welcomed our sweet, tiny Opal Wynn into our family three weeks early! She is the happiest baby we’ve ever met and has won us over with her dimples, shrieks of laughter, and constant snuggles. We didn’t even have our baby bag packed for the hospital when the doctor called to tell us I need a c-section earlier than planned. Despite the surprise arrival, Curt and I were amazed by the medical care here and felt immense peace. Having Curt in the room with me and pain medication available was a game changer. We also had family come to visit us in the hospital! It made for a memorable Christmas and end to 2016.

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Visits from family and friends encouraged our hearts these past months. We’ve spent time with grandparents, cousins, siblings, dear friends from the DR, and wonderful stateside friends.

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Fenna turned 2! She is full of energy and doesn’t stop talking. She loves sprinkles, animals, wiggly worms, princess dresses, drawing, and running around outside. Most of all she adores her little sister Opal.


Thanks for joining us on this new journey! We’d love it if you kept in touch and even visited us in Spokane. Our casa is su casa!

We’d also appreciate your prayers as these past couple months have been challenging for our family. Please pray for:

  • The cultural adjustment to living stateside.
  • Our hearts. We still miss our Dominican community and are praying for new relationships to grow here.
  • Parenting wisdom and room to invest in our marriage as we raise two little ones.
  • Our emotional and mental health after having a baby, moving countries, and beginning a new ministry.

Gracias and bendiciones,

Team Powell




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